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Tax Planning and Compliance

Chicago tax planning

Adducci, Leone & Co. is committed to developing money-saving tax planning strategies for all types of construction and real estate businesses. Whether you operate a real estate agency, architectural firm, construction business, homeowners' association, or similar business, we will develop techniques for reducing your tax burden. Our Chicago, IL CPA firm takes a proactive approach to tax planning that helps our clients realize significant tax savings. We're more than accountants; we're skilled tax specialists with years of experience working with the U.S. tax code.

For our small business clients, we understand that tax compliance is an ongoing project. Business decisions you make during the year often have tax consequences. We have the foresight to help you consider the possible financial outcome before you make a move that could increase your tax burden. When you rely on us for tax advice, we’ll manage your tax obligations throughout the year to ensure that you never overpay.

Take action now to avoid any surprises at tax time by calling us at 708-594-3838 today. We offer a free initial consultation to all kinds of real estate and construction businesses in the Chicagoland area.

Our tax services for real estate and construction businesses include:

  • Comprehensive, industry-specific tax planning and strategy development
  • Tax preparation services for real estate businesses
  • Income tax preparation for contractors
  • Multi-state tax services
  • Sales and use tax compliance
  • Entity formation
  • E-file